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2555 Ocean Avenue
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San Francisco, CA 94132

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Ph:   (415) 584-4550
        (800) 417-5250

Fax:  (415) 584-4553


Friends of the Office

Holden Hom: IT Services
Holden Hom pictureHolden Hom has maintained our office computer system for more than 15 years. He worked for more than 17 years at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. managing real-time online internal/external brokerage accounting systems. What began as a kindness to friends has become a specialty in IT services to individuals and small businesses. Holden now provides a wide range of services. He can custom-build, upgrade and repair computers and provide buying/upgrade advice for other electronic gadgets. He does home/SOHO network installations, data recovery from computers, and setup/installation for home theater and audio systems, including flat screen panel mounting and High End Audio.
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